Hello, my name is Ingo Nuccio.
I have been working as an IT-freelancer for quite a long time, and I will guide you through this show.

How to start is always the most difficult question.
This paragraph gives you an overview about my experiences, shows you my current availability, and provides you with my regularly updated CV.

Project Mgmt.
Over the years, project mgmt. has become my very work. Let´s take a look at my thoughts.


For many people the term "consultant" may sound like a bad word. Not for me, if you use the right philosophy.

SW Development
System and software development is the very part of any IT-project. During the last couple of years a paradigm-change altered the way how you should proceed in such projects.

IT Training
As the HR is the most important (and expensive) part of a company, however, many companies have not yet recognized that they are not spending enough effort in improving their employees´ capabilities.

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